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MSTA's grassroots advocacy gives educators a voice in Jefferson City

MSTA’s government relations department gives you a voice in Jefferson City.

Our government relations department delivers testimony on MSTA’s legislative platform; attends and provides input at State Board of Education meetings; represents your interests at Public School Retirement System meetings; serves as your liaisons to governmental agencies and conducts workshops on political issues and involvement.


Education Policy Priorities

The Education Policy Committee meets immediately after the adjournment of the annual Assembly of Delegates to set the legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session. 

MSTA’s government relations department lobbies for these priorities at the State Capitol. The legislative priorities for 2024 include increasing the statewide minimum teacher salary, continuing funding for Career Ladder, and continuing to fully fund transportation. 

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Adopted Resolutions

MSTA members set the agenda for the association by approving a set of resolutions during the annual Assembly of Delegates. These resolutions determine MSTA's position on various legislation and issues throughout the year. 

Set My Region

Set your region by specifying your Missouri school district. This does not affect your actual region associated with your MSTA membership. This only sets your region while you browse the MSTA website.

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