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Salary and Research


MSTA’s skilled finance consultants are experts in school finance — each with more than 30 years of experience in working with school budgets, the foundation formula, school boards and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

MSTA’s finance consultants can tell you exactly what the financial condition of your school district is. Our experts will take you beyond the raw numbers and show you what it all means. They can provide a CTA with:

  • An assessment of new revenue available for salary and fringe benefit enhancement.
  • Suggested ways in which district revenue can be increased.
  • Ways to cut expenditures without sacrificing programs and salaries.
  • Recommended fund balances and ways to reduce excessive fund balances.

Salary Workshops

MSTA offers in-person salary and finance workshops across the state. 

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Salary and Benefits Report

This invaluable publication summarizes the salary schedule practices of Missouri schools — district by district. It also includes financial facts about Missouri schools, with information on teacher salaries, tax levies, student data and much more.

Contact with any questions.

MSTA also produces an interactive tool that allows you to compare districts’ salary schedules and benefits side-by-side.

Salary Videos

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