MSTA Leadership Conference

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July 18-19, 2022

Margaritaville Lake Resort

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MSTA Leadership Conference

The MSTA Leadership Conference is designed for and presented to local and aspiring MSTA/Community Teacher Association (CTA) leaders working in school districts ranging in size from less than 500 students to over 25,000 students.  This event also serves Student MSTA leaders engaged in teacher education programs on more than 40 Missouri higher education campuses.  

 Participants leave the conference recharged and energized from the opportunity to collaborate with other Missouri leaders in a fun and relaxing environment.  

The Leadership Conference Experience

MSTA provides relevant learning experiences, essential tools, and networking opportunities that will make our leaders and their local CTA more successful.  Our over-arching goal is providing attendees with strategies to support successful membership recruitment and increase member satisfaction by connecting CTA members and leaders with MSTA services, benefits, and resources.   

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