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Member Resources

MSTA membership means more than just liability insurance. Our 15 member service coordinators located throughout the state servce as a point of contact for members and help you navigate challenging situations. MSTA members have direct access to our legal services team for answers to any school employment questions. Grow in your profession by accessing our professional learning opportunities. Work with our salary and research team to maximize your earnings. 

Every stage of your career

Whether you are an aspiring teacher or enjoying retirement, MSTA has programs and benefits for educators at every step along the way.

Research and Publications

Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

MSTA members have several opportunities to apply for various scholarships and grants.

The Missouri State Teachers Foundation awards $100 grants for classroom activities. The Hope Initiative provides relief for teachers whose districts have been damaged by a natural distaster. 

Many regions also award scholarships and grants to their members.

Set My Region

Set your region by specifying your Missouri school district. This does not affect your actual region associated with your MSTA membership. This only sets your region while you browse the MSTA website.

My Current Region

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