Keynote Speaker Dr. Brooks Gibbs

“America’s #1 resilience speaker is coming to MSTA Convention”

Keynote Title: One Rule to Rule Them All

Keynote Description: You only need one rule in the classroom to manage student behavior - The Golden Rule. “Treating students the way you want to be treated” not only keeps you from repelling students away from you, but it actually attracts them to you. Even the students that give you the most amount of trouble are not immune to the rule's transformative power. The rule also works when dealing with difficult parents, unpleasant staff members, or even your ornery kids at home. In this keynote, social psychologist Dr. Brooks Gibbs breaks down the science behind the Golden Rule with strategies for wielding its power in the classroom. Using humor and practical insight, Dr. Gibbs presents a fresh look at a 3,000-year-old maxim for dealing with difficult people.


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