Rule 9.  Resolutions


  1. The Education Policy Committee shall prepare and present to the Assembly of Delegates proposed resolutions for adoption.  Voting on resolutions shall normally be by voice, unless the chair or a majority vote of the Assembly of Delegates decides otherwise.
  2. All proposals submitted as additional resolutions shall be presented to the Education Policy Committee in writing before 30 minutes of elapsed time after the Consideration of Standing Rules on the first day of any meeting of the Assembly of Delegates.  The proposal shall contain the names of the proposer(s), the CTA of which they are members and a rationale for the proposed resolution.
  3. Additional resolutions not printed in the Education Policy Committee Report or the Supplement to Education Policy Committee Report shall be submitted from the floor of the Assembly of Delegates upon two-thirds vote of the delegates.  Such resolutions so considered may be amended on the floor by a majority vote.
  4. No delegate shall reverse the intent of a proposed resolution with an amendment from the floor.  A reversed version of a proposed resolution shall be displayed on screen for the delegates for consideration if filed on the proper form during the 30-minute period after Consideration of the Standing Rules.