Congratulations to Melissa Arrington (Neelyville), Dagney Ogle (Willard), and AshLea Forrest (Windsor) for winning $100 classroom grants from the Missouri State Teachers FoundationMSTF promotes excellence in teaching and education. Read the awardees’ quotes below.

Melissa Arrington
“My 3rd graders and I would benefit greatly from winning the MSTA monthly giveaway. As budget cuts have and will continue to happen across our Nation, any additional funding I can receive to further my students learning and growth will be greatly appreciated and utilized. With this funding, I plan to purchase hands-on learning activities and games which we will use in small groups. I have witnessed great success in my classroom with small groups and this will only add to the learning and growth of my students.”

Dagney Ogle
“I call it Sight Word Magic. Created on my classroom floor will be a huge game board. Each block will contain a sight word and the quarter it was introduced to them. Let‚Äôs say the sight word is ‚Äúam‚Äù, it will be laminated in a block and have a 1 in the corner for point value. End of 1st quarter words will be worth 2-4 points as bonus words. Before the quarter ends, there will be new 2nd Q words, worth 2+ points. The board will eventually have all Kind.  sight words and each with point value. As the board grows, 1st Q words will be changed to be worth 1 pt., and so forth. As students enter or exist my room, we will have a short game of Sight Word Magic. Each student will have their own clip board, scoring sheet, and bean bag. The student will toss their bean bag on the floor game board. The student then has to say the sight word. If they know it, they get point value. As they receive points, they are responsible for knowing the words and adding up their points…Math as well. Sight Word Magic can be a game changer.”

AshLea Forrest
“With the changing times of computers and standards, children need as much exposure to not only online activities, but also unplugged activities related to programming. Students will grasp coding concepts including programming, troubleshooting, and debugging. Some kids also learn better with hands on learning opportunities. The $100 would be used to purchase programming and coding games and robots.”

Each month, the Missouri State Teachers Foundation awards $100 classroom grants to three MSTA members. Apply now for next month’s Classroom Grant.

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