Unsung Hero: Verne Leutzinger

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Recipients of the 2018 Unsung Heroes of MSTA Award are chosen by the MSTA field service coordinators. The award recognizes those who have made a substantive yet unrecognized contribution to MSTA and our mission to advocate for and empower public educators so they can teach. These recipients are admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Some factors of consideration for selecting these individuals may include:
• Individual leadership style
• Understanding of MSTA’s mission
• Actions which reflect MSTA’s mission
• Commitment and follow through to the leadership role and CTA
• Service beyond the CTA to children, their school district, the community, or MSTA.
• Interpersonal and communication skills.
• Creative thinking and problem solving.
• Ability to handle crisis or extreme circumstances in their role as CTA leader.

Verne Leutzinger

School district: Independence School District

School building: William Chrisman High School

Grade/subject taught: Engineering and Drafting

Years in MSTA: 18

What is one of your goals for this year?

I set a goal at the beginning of this year to do one nice unexpected thing for each one of my students.

Without using the words “teacher” or “educator,” what would your job title be?

Student Excellence Facilitator… I allow students to shine and excel at something.

What four people, living or dead, would you like to invite to a dinner party? 

Dorthy Fisher – The first teacher I had that made me feel like an equal and that I could be a teacher, even though she was waaayyyy smarter.  Abraham Lincoln – I have a lot of questions about fortitude in the presence of uncertainty. My mom and dad – I think our parents’ intellect is wasted on our youth.

What is something on your bucket list?

I do not have a bucket list. I would rather live like I am living forever.

What would be the name of the movie about your life?

“Lucky” I have been so blessed in my life.

Who would it star? 

I would make the main character a dog. I think they have the greatest attributes to help others. After all dog backwards is god.

What’s your favorite school lunch?

Anything over 18 minutes long and not ending with a bell. Whenever I am eating with family and I hear a bell I get indigestion and have to go to the bathroom.

What advice would you give to your younger self in your first year as an educator?

Don’t take anything personal. They really like you, it is just hard for kids to show how much they like you until you show how much you like them.