Tonni Schmidt, Candidate for President-Elect

Work history
Warrensburg, seventh-grade reading, 2014-present
Holden Middle School, eighth-grade language arts, 2012-2014
Holden Middle School, seventh-grade literature, 2003-2012
Holden Elementary, third grade, 1998-2003
Holden Middle School, seventh-grade special services, 1997-1998

MSTA Volunteer Leadership
CTA Vice President, Holden, 2003
Delegate to Convention, Holden, 2003
CTA President, Holden, 2004
Election Chair, Central Region, 2004
Delegate to Convention, Holden, 2004
CTA Vice President, Holden, 2005,
CTA Membership Chair, Holden, 2005
Second Vice President, Central Region, 2005
Delegate to Convention, Holden, 2005
CTA President, Holden, 2006
President Elect, Central Region, 2006
Delegate to Convention, Central Region, 2006
Legislative Committee, State, 2003-2007
CTA Salary Committee Chair, Holden, 2007
President, Central Region, 2007
Delegate to Convention, Holden, 2007
Board of Directors, Central Region, 2008
Delegate to Convention, Central Region, 2008
CTA President, Holden, 2009
Board of Directors, Central Region, 2009
Board of Directors, State, 2009
Delegate to Convention, State, 2009
CTA Past President, Holden, 2009
Board of Directors, State, 2010
Delegate to Convention, State, 2010
Resolutions Committee, State Ex-Officio, 2011
Building Representative, Holden, 2011
Board of Directors, State, 2011
CTA President, Holden, 2011
Delegate to Convention, Holden, 2011
Exec Dir Search Comm, State, 2011-2013
Board of Directors, State, 2012
Delegate to Convention, State, 2012
CTA President, Holden, 2012
CTA Past President, Holden, 2013
TEPS, Committee, State Ex-Officio, 2013
Board of Directors, State, 2013
Delegate to Convention, State, 2013
Committee on Committees, State, 2013
Foundation Review Task Force, State, 2013
CTA Membership Chair, Holden, 2014
Board of Directors, State, 2014
Delegate to Convention, State, 2014
Board of Directors, Central Region, 2009-2015
Board of Directors, State, 2015
Vice President, State, 2016

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"Students aren't the only ones who are learning."

The old saying, "You learn something new every day" is not only true for our students but for teachers as well. I find myself saying that to my students frequently. I want them to know that learning doesn't end after high school or college. Just like you, I try to be the best role model I can for my kids. As your MSTA Vice President this past year, I have learned a great deal.

I have learned about tenacity and determination. I know some of these memories won't be pleasant, but as I said earlier, we can learn something every day. Think back about two years ago in November, there was a huge issue on the ballot that the teachers of Missouri were strongly against. That's right, Amendment 3. That issue was funded by a very wealthy man from St. Louis. That man, whether we agree with his ideologies or not, is very tenacious. A person would think that after the beating he took on Amendment that the billionaire would ride quietly off into the night. However, the said billionaire, (who shall remain nameless) keeps coming back over and over again. That's great tenacity.

The part I like even better is learning about determination from Missouri's teachers who keep saying to the billionaire, "No! We won't let you ruin our schools!" Thank you for teaching me and the voters about determination. Keep winning those battles!

I have also learned that there are huge shoes to fill in the leadership roles of MSTA. We have had strong leaders who are not afraid to speak their minds and quiet leaders who know how to find the right person at the right moment to get the job done. There have been leaders who have lead with an iron fist and others that are more of a hugging type. Each and every one of these leaders have taught me something. Trust me, I have taken notes and am ready to step into the role of President-Elect to learn even more about how to be determined and tenacious and a great leader.

I look forward to seeing you in Columbia at Convention and would appreciate your vote for President-Elect.

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