Tisha Clawson, Candidate for Vice President

Work history
Bolivar R-1, Primary School Librarian, 2 years
Bolivar R-1, Intermediate School Instructional Coach, 1 year
Bolivar R-1, Intermediate School Librarian, 7 years
Bolivar R-1, Intermediate School, fourth grade, 2 years
Bolivar R-1, Intermediate School, Title I Writing Implementer, 1 year
Bolivar R-1, Intermediate School, Fifth Grade Teacher, 4 years
Wheatland, Fifth Grade Teacher, 1 year

MSTA volunteer leadership
State Board member, Southwest Region, 1 year
Immediate Past President, Southwest Region, 1 year
President, Southwest Region, 1 year
President-elect, Southwest Region, 1 year
Vice president, Southwest Region, 1 year
Member at Large, Southwest Region, 3 years
Chair, Articles, Bylaws & Rules MSTA State Committee, 2 years
Member, Articles, Bylaws & Rules MSTA State Committee, 6 years
Immediate Past President, Bolivar CTA, 3 years
President, Bolivar CTA, 3 years
President-Elect, Bolivar CTA, 2 years
Membership Chair, Bolivar CTA, 6 years
Parliamentarian, Bolivar CTA, 2 years
Building Representative, Bolivar CTA, 4 years

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Making a Difference One Relationship at a Time

Life is filled with relationships that mold and shape all of us. Each relationship adds to our knowledge and understanding of the world, affects how we interact with our world, and ultimately becomes the legacy of our life. My relationships as a wife, mother, educator, learner, and leader have forged me into the person I am today.

My relationship as a wife challenges me to be my best for my husband yet I am often humbled as I face my shortcomings and failures. Through marriage, I have learned the value of commitment and am grateful for the grace and love experienced daily.

Being the mother of two boys has taught me patience, expanded my capacity for joy and heartache, revealed to me the beauty of individuality and the need to encourage and celebrate each child’s unique talents without comparison.

As an educator, I have learned the most impactful lesson is not what I bring to the classroom in knowledge or experience but rather my ability to build relationships and connect with students. Relationships built by engaging with students where they are; understanding their interests, listening to their questions, and helping them pursue their passions. Taking time to ask questions and listening to their hearts builds bridges to new opportunities that propel students beyond what they believed possible for themselves.

Throughout my life I have sought opportunities to be a learner. I appreciate that there is always room to acquire knowledge that is new, grasp something more deeply, and engage the world around me so that my understanding and purpose are clarified and refined.

I believe a leader is someone that identifies the strengths of those around them and seeks to connect those abilities for the betterment of all involved. Throughout my life I have taken on leadership roles and sought to make a difference through serving in a variety of capacities from my high school Future Teachers of America, to Bolivar CTA, Southwest Region Board, to the state level of MSTA Board of Directors. I believe these relationships have prepared me to serve as the next Vice President of MSTA.

My goal is to continue making a difference, one relationship at a time. I invite you to learn more and connect with me through Twitter @tclawson73 and on Facebook at

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