Thank-a-Teacher – Candace & Alexis Boeh

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MSTA held a contest in April and asked for nominations of teachers doing great things in their community. We had over 400 responses! During Teacher Appreciation Week, we are sharing the nominations from the winners.

We had the sister duo of Candace & Alexis Boeh that were part of one nomination.  This is what Laureen Graves said about Candace & Alexis:

Candace and Alexis Boeh are truly two of the most dedicated and innovative teachers you will ever find. You can’t nominate one without nominating the other because they have worked in unison to create their dynamic and successful program for our Special Services Department in Room 108! They call themselves the 108 Family. From the starting blocks, you could see that these two educators love and care about their students far beyond what is required. They work to develop genuine relationships of trust, concern, and support for each student and the families they serve. They have also made many positive connections throughout the Maryville community through their program. The Boehs are the definition of passion for engaged teaching and learning in helping students reach their full potential. It is not uncommon to find the Boehs working a full day on the weekend, planning their activities and making sure their paperwork for their students is top notch. They have continued their professional development since starting at MHS by receiving their Master’s Degree, participating in professional organizations, and presenting at various meetings and conferences.

The Boehs go the extra mile in everything they do. To start, they have created the opportunity for their student to participate in a student-run coffee shop, Spoofy Beans. Through their leadership, each student is gaining employable skills, confidence in themselves, abilities to work as a team, and develop lasting friendships. When you walk into their room there is immediate acceptance, a place where students feel safe and can be their true selves without judgment or criticism. They have created a website, Spoofy Spot, where patrons can purchase items made by their students to earn money for their activities. The products they sell, along with the coffee shop, supports itself, as they are very conscientious about being able to support their own program without needing to use the district’s resources. At least once a month, Life Skills students are treated to a field trip to explore and learn from new experiences. These trips give the students an opportunity to practice their social skills and interact appropriately in the real world. The Boehs work with many future educators from Northwest, as well as Maryville High School students, giving them the special opportunity to work with their 108 Family. Along with their work in the Special Education Department, the Boehs have created Hound Howlin’ City, which provides leadership opportunities for Maryville students. Since the creation of this club, students have become leaders through planning and putting on pep assemblies, collaborating with other schools, and raising school spirit.

The Boehs have made sure all students have equal opportunities to create positive and happy high school memories by being involved in Special Olympics, FACT Club, raising funds, chaperoning trips, escorting students (even doing make-up and hair) to dinner and the prom, just to name a few. When students enter their classroom they feel safe, loved, and they leave empowered and more confident to face the world beyond Maryville High School. They have helped build a close camaraderie within the Special Education Department. Our team is effective, efficient, and brighter because they are a part of it. They inspire each of us to become educators that truly make a difference, the ones that will long be remembered.

The Missouri State Teachers Association is honored to work with more than 47,000 innovative and engaged educators like Candace and Alexis.

MSTA would like to thank our amazing sponsors Culver-Stockton College and Western Governors University who helped make this year’s Thank-a-Teacher contest possible.

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