Lincoln County R-3 instructional technology facilitator Stephanie Buck shares how second grade students used butcher paper and iMovie to create video book reports.

Tracy Meyer’s second grade students at Main Street Elementary in Troy, Mo., prepared book reviews by completing a template that included information such as title, author’s name, author’s purpose, a habit displayed in the book, etc.  After completing this prep work students were given the option to create one of the following projects to present at the school’s Literacy Fair Night: 1) Google Slides presentation 2) iMovie 3) Green screen recording/iMovie.

Students choosing to create a Google Slides show worked with Mrs. Meyer after receiving instruction on inserting images, cropping/rotating images, inserting text, etc.  If the students chose the green screen or iMovie options they worked directly with me, a district elementary instructional technology facilitator.

We worked in a small conference room in the school’s office to create our ‘recording studio’. We did not spend any additional funds to create these projects. We simply hung green butcher paper in the office where we were afforded a small, quiet workspace.  The students and I worked together to hang the ‘green screen’ to accommodate each participant’s choice of background, as well as any necessary furniture placement (table, chair, etc.).

Students chose their background images, as well as additional images to use throughout their final movie presentation, from a Google search using the Usage Rights tool and then saving the images to their iPads. This is not a 1:1 school, but is blessed with many devices available throughout the K-5 classrooms as well as device checkout through the school library.

After saving their images, students shared the images with me through AirDrop so that I may pull them up through the green screen app, TouchCast. This is a free and simple-to-use app that allowed several background choices for the students to choose from (background image, talk show, cooking show, newsroom, and much more).

Students were given the option to be interviewed by a classmate or present their information on their own. I recorded the students while the others acted as directors guiding students to begin between takes and giving advice on eye contact and voice level.

Once recordings were competed I shared the videos to each student’s Google Drive so they would have individual access for the final day with iMovie editing. On the final day of production, students loaded their media from Google Drive into iMovie where we made cuts, added a Title screen, and embedded images of their books from their camera roll.

These 2nd grade students were amazing through the entire process. It is amazing the way students see technology and soar with its possibilities!

See example slideshows and videos.

Stephanie Buck is an instructional technology facilitator in the Lincoln Co. R-3 school district. You can follow her on Twitter at @TechwithMrsBuck. She also shares tech tools for teachers and parents on her website

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