State Board of Education Politicization Updates

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What’s New:

What You Can Do:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, please email the State Board of Education members to strongly consider their constitutional obligations of maintaining a non-political, independent board that continues the tradition of prioritizing Missouri’s students before politics. Members of the State Board can be reached through the following email:  These emails are disseminated to all members of the board.
  2. MSTA members can also use this link below to find contact information for your State Senator, all newly appointed Board members will be up for Senate confirmation at the start of the legislative session in January.
  3. Talk to your friends and family. Tell them the authors of the Missouri Constitution put in place safeguards to ensure that public education in Missouri remained focused on what is best for students, not politicians. This attempted ouster of a sitting commissioner without any justification, by newly appointed and unconfirmed board members, is outside of the framework adopted by Missouri citizens in a statewide ratification of our current Constitution and deeply concerning.Additionally, this move would signify a drastic partisan shift in the state board and the unprecedented removal of Dr. Margie Vandeven would be a step backward for Missouri’s students and teachers and a smack in the face of the citizens who ratified Missouri’s current Constitution drafted specifically to remove politics from our state school system.Furthermore, the Missouri State Teachers Association and numerous other organizations respectfully ask that members of the State Board of Education not sit by as the Constitution is rewritten by executive decree.

Notes from the Missouri Constitutional Revision Committee.

February 1945 School & Community Magazine detailing the Missouri Constitutional Changes.

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