Stacy Blakley, Candidate for Vice President

Work history
Waynesville R-6, Project Lead the Way, seventh-eighth grade, 2014-present
Waynesville R-6, first grade East Elementary, 2012-2014
Maries R-1, first grade, 2009-2010

MSTA volunteer leadership
President elect, South Central Board, 2014-2015
President, Waynesville CTA, 2014-2015
Vice president, South Central Board, 2013-2014
President elect, Waynesville CTA, 2013-2014

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Empowered is defined as making someone stronger and more confident. The MSTA mission states: MSTA advocates for and empowers public educators so they can teach. As members of this great organization you are empowered! Many people ask me why I invest time in MSTA, my response is that MSTA invests in the greatest group of people in this state, teachers. I have been asked why I want to run for state office. I chose to run for office because I believe in being a leader and making a difference in the organizations and activities I am part of.

Being empowered means that you step forward and lead. In my school I have served on multiple committees including steering, RTI, and as CTA building representative. In my district I have served as CTA President, CTA Vice President, Salary Committee Chair and Welfare Committee Chair. In the South Central Region I have served as a board member, Vice President, President-Elect and will be starting a term as President soon. On the state level I serve on the Articles, Bylaws and Rules Committee. I have presented on various topics at MSTA Conventions, as well as other conferences around the state.

I currently teach 7th and 8th grade Project Lead the Way and have taught first grade. My husband, Steve, teaches 8th and 9th grade math. We have been married for 23 years. Outside of school we keep busy with church, sports, marching band, and coaching traveling softball and basketball. We have four daughters; Shelby (21), Hannah (18), Lyndsi (14), and Chloe (13).

EMPOWERED. Empowered is what we want our students to be. Good teachers focus on data and test scores; great teachers focus on ensuring our students leave our classrooms better, stronger people. Empowering them to dream, to learn, to question, to think for themselves, to stand up for what is right. I do not try to teach my students what to think. I strive to teach my students HOW to think and collaborate with others.
Many people talk about empowering the next generation. But we have the unique privilege of actually doing it - every day. And I would be proud to serve as Vice President of an organization striving to do just that. I would appreciate your vote in November as we work together to empower one another and our students.

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