Reviewed by Todd Fuller

If you haven’t been to before, you should take some time to visit the site. In their own words, EduMatch uses, “the power of social media in order to help foster collaboration and connections among educators around the globe. We understand that relationships are the foundations for learning, even for us as educators.”

EduMatch is a free service with downloadable books as well as some for sale online. One of their most recent works is “Snapshot in Education 2018.” Snapshot 2018, is the third installment in the series. Each year, EduMatch compiles essays from a number of educators willing to share what they have learned and how they have grown over the course of the year. Snapshot 2018 covers everything from memorable lessons, using 360 video, being a connected teacher and increasing parent engagement in the classroom.

Diving into chapters written by a number of educators with varied experiences and backgrounds made for a new experience every time I picked up the book. For instance, I learned what a Flipgrid is (a video platform allowing users to respond to prompts and have online discussions concerning a specific topic). I learned about social-emotional learning (managing emotions). I also have a deeper understanding of the importance of recruiting teachers of color. The topics are varied, and the writing is top notch from essay to essay.   

One additional touch I appreciate in Snapshot 2018, is the extensive, “About the Author,” section at the end of each essay. Usually the biography is relegated to one or two paragraphs, barely scratching the surface of who the educator is and why they chose to write their essay. Snapshot 2018, includes one or two pages of biography as well as an author photo giving credit where credit is truly due.

“Snapshot in Education 2018,” is a worthwhile read. All educators will find something of value in the 21 different essays included in the 2018 installment. An added bonus is that if you are satisfied with the PDF version of the book rather than a print copy, you can download it for free. Edumatch has several resources worth purchasing. However, giving away one of those resources is a great gift from a great website:

Like to win a copy of this book? Email by April 30 with SNAPSHOT in the subject line to be entered into a drawing.

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