Today, Friday, December 13, Dr. Chris Neale, Assistant Commissioner of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education reached out to MSTA Executive Director Bruce Moe with additional information and clarification regarding a change in teacher planning time in the new proposed MSIP6 standards.

In the December 11 edition of MSTA Weekly Newsletter, members were alerted to the elimination of required planning time from MSIP5 to the new vague regulations under MSIP6.  MSTA members’ voices have been heard. DESE will be editing the rule to return to the language from MSIP5, providing specific guidance for crucial teacher planning time.

“Supporting Missouri teachers is one of DESE’s primary priorities. When altering the language about plan time in the Effective Teaching and Learning standard in MSIP 6, DESE’s intention was never to imply that plan time isn’t valuable. The change was made to ensure teachers were given adequate planning and collaboration time for their assigned roles and duties,” Neale said. “DESE has already received informal feedback from educators who are concerned about this change. Therefore, DESE is prepared to return the language from MSIP 5 back in to the Effective Teaching and Learning Standard in MSIP 6.”

MSTA will continue to work with DESE on the development of MSIP 6. When the legislative session begins in January, any updates will be included in MSTA Action each Friday.

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