Editor’s Note: This is a post from MSTA’s Staff Attorney Scott Smith in response to a few questions from a Leadership Symposium session.

Yesterday, the MSTA Legal Department had their annual meeting with the MSTA Network Attorneys.

As you might already know, MSTA partners with a small group of employment law attorneys throughout the state in order to serve MSTA members.

Our Network Attorneys work for private law firms and partner with MSTA to serve members. They have a great deal of experience in employment law matters impacting teachers, including DSS investigative hearings, school board termination hearings and other legal actions against teachers. When you contact the MSTA Legal Department for assistance an MSTA Network Attorney might be assigned to your case depending upon your legal needs. Having both the MSTA Legal Department and Network Attorneys available for members ensures you receive proper legal representation.

This annual meeting allows all the attorneys to exchange information and give updates on patterns and practices they have seen in the practice of law.

Since each school district responds to situations differently, discussing outcomes and the legal positions of various schools helps all attorneys gain perspective.

This year the attorneys discussed new strategies schools have been using prior to school board termination hearings, how social media is impacting teachers, and changes in separation agreements used for teachers ending their employment. While all the attorneys work together and communicate throughout the year, setting aside time at the beginning of each school year allows them to dive deep into a variety of issues impacting teachers.

If you have questions please contact the MSTA Legal Department at 866-343-6186.