Missouri State Teachers Foundation Mini Grant May Winner

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Congratulations to Vickie Gilbert from Jasper County School District for winning May’s $100 mini-grant from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation.

“Ninety-four percent of our 4th graders receive free or reduced lunch,” she wrote in her application. “This makes it almost impossible to create hands-on lesson plans that allow them learning by doing. I would use this money to purchase posters and presentation material that would allow them to research the information to put on a health fair. The health fair would cover topics such as hygiene, lice, bedbugs, teeth care, bullying, saying no to drugs, staying home alone and dealing with anger in the classroom. This fair would be prepared by the students and then opened up to all the grades, parents and community to benefit from.”

Congratulations again, Vickie!

You can apply for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation mini-grant! Good luck!

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