Congratulations to Ashley Stanton (St. Joseph), Amy Lee (Fulton 58), and Portia Boyer (Potosifor winning $100 classroom grants from the Missouri State Teachers FoundationMSTF promotes excellence in teaching and education. Read the awardees’ quotes below.

Ashley Porter
“There are so many special activities that I would love to bring to my Kindergarten through 2nd grade resource room. Sight words are a huge struggle in my classroom. So many of my students have sight word or spelling IEP goals, and therefore I like to come up with fun and engaging sight word activities or games. We have done a cake walk sight word game, easter egg sight word hunts, a jeopardy sight word game, a pick up sight word sticks activity, spelling word board races, and more. If I were awarded $100.00 for my classroom, I would use it to purchase supplies to make a sight word center full of sight word games, sight word writing activities, sight word books, and more.”

Keriann Brandt
“The Monroe City R-1 School District has recently upgraded the Agriculture Building Facilities and relocated it to connect to the existing high school. In doing so, we were able to expand to include a Food Science Lab into one of the Agricultural classrooms. The Food Lab is in place to begin a Food Science class for high school agricultural education students beginning the 2020-2021 school year. Supplies and equipment still need to be purchased in order to functionally use the space. Basic kitchen essentials such as pots, pans, measuring cups, scales, etc. are the main staples in this lab. The $100 would take some of the financial burden off of making it a place for students to explore the food world. Food Science is quickly becoming a high demand field with endless possibilities for students to obtain a promising career. This grant would help fund those opportunities for our students in the classroom.”

Adriane New
“For the last ten years, as part of our English Language Arts curriculum, approximately 425 7th graders per each year at Bingham Middle School have the opportunity to attend A Christmas Carol at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre.  We request funding from our building PTSA , Principal, and other non-profits to help defray costs.  Their generosity cuts down on the amount our students need to contribute.  This year, our goal is to cover all costs as we are a Title 1  building with 77% free and reduced students.”

Ashley Stanton: I would love to buy bus passes for the students in my job development classes. One of the major hold ups to students getting a job is the fact they cannot get there. With this grant I would be able to buy passes for the students to go along with the unit I am teaching about riding the bus. Our bus company has ride ambassadors who will come and talk with students about riding the bus but until they try it themselves, they cannot generalize the skill. I believe if we want students to become employable then we need to smash every barrier that could potentially be in their way. I would like for us to ride the bus from school to Missouri Western. While we are at Missouri Western, we could tour two places of potential employment. This way, students could see the end goal of somewhere to work and get the experience of riding on the bus. Most students in my classes have not been to Missouri Western before or seen the commercial grade kitchen where they could work.

Amy Lee: This semester my Advanced Foods Class has been making cakes and icings from scratch as we have been learning about different trends and flavors throughout the history of baking. The students have learned to think outside the box with different flavors and techniques so far. I would like to take the students a little further by teaching them more about the art of baking. We have watched some baking competitions on the internet and they have gotten excited to give it a try. With this project my students would be decorating their own layered cake using cake decorating techniques learned in the classroom. To focus on the decorating part, I would be purchasing the students premade cake rounds and buttercream frosting from Sam’s Club. Each student would have the opportunity to create their own 2-layer cake. The students would focus on the decorating part at this point and not have to worry about making the cake and frosting. They would just focus on creating a decorative masterpiece. 

Portia Boyer: If I am selected, I would use the grant money to purchase additional earbuds for our students. Students use earbuds regularly to listen to lessons and assessments on computers and Chromebooks. I am a Title I teacher that routinely sets up individualized lessons and assessments for students. Earbuds support self-paced learning plans. Additional earbuds would assist this process for students who cannot afford to provide their own earbuds. This also gives me the ability to replace school supplied earbuds that become defective with regular use. I appreciate MSTA’s consideration of this application and the continued support of teachers and the students they serve.

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