Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy and Missouri Humanities Council about the Summer 2018 Conference for High School Teachers.

Since most anniversary gifts-by-year lists stop at diamonds for 60, we were left to our own devices in figuring out what to get Missouri as it approaches its bicentennial. What we decided on—a re-examination of the struggle for statehood—certainly isn’t the most romantic present ever, but it is of abiding importance. Studying the moral and political crisis out of which Missouri was born, as well as the often turbulent state history that has unfolded over the last two centuries, presents a unique opportunity to explore the kinds of questions on which the fates of both Missouri and the United States have hung and continue to hang. How and when does conflict beget progress? When and why does history turn, and when and why does it turn back on itself?

The Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy and Missouri Humanities Council invite high school social studies educators from across the state to join us in asking and answering these questions at our annual Summer Teachers Academy. From June 12-14, 2018, we will host a conference in Columbia that will be organized around the theme of “Missouri’s Struggle for Statehood” and that will provide teachers with a chance to study landmark and less-heralded events in the state’s history alongside MU Professors of Law, Political Science, Education, and History, and other invited scholars from around the region and nation. Thanks to a generous grant from the Humanities Council, all conference participants’ expenses will be covered, including lodging, breakfast and dinner each day, materials, and a stipend to offset travel and other costs related to attending.

We will hold an early nomination period for the Summer Teachers Academy from January 1-January 31, during which time principals and assistant principals, department heads, district social studies coordinators, and state legislators can nominate individuals to participate. If seats still remain after this, we will hold a self-nomination period for teachers from February 1-March 15. All nominations should be sent via email to Kinder Institute Communications Associate Thomas Kane,  KaneTC@missouri.edu, and should include the following information: the teacher’s name, school, classes and grade levels taught, and a brief statement concerning how the nominee would benefit from exploring this rich topic.

More information can be found at: democracy.missouri.edu/programs/teachers-academy

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