Missouri State Teachers Foundation November Classroom Grant winner

2018-12-11T16:54:05+00:00December 11th, 2018|Categories: Awards and Contests|0 Comments

Congratulations to Madalyn Cramer from Sedalia for winning November’s $100 Classroom Grant from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation!

“My class will be taking a jungle walk outside this week and will be listening for the sounds of different jungle animals such as a toucan, tiger, monkey, and frog, as we walk along.” she wrote in her application. “We plan to wear safari hats and are making binoculars out of toilet paper tubes! Our hopes are to have the actual sounds of these animals playing vs the teachers making the sounds. I feel the kids would benefit more from hearing the actual roar of a tiger vs our failed attempts to sound like one, let’s just say we need to keep our day jobs! We feel the use of an iPod synced to a Bluetooth speaker would help make it easier to play these sounds vs relying on the use of our phone’s youtube app. We do several similar activities throughout the year and our kiddos are always down for a dance party! We would make great use of an iPod loaded with some of our favorite silly songs!.”

Congratulations again, Madalyn!

You can apply for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation mini-grant! Good luck!