Congratulations to Sarah Rosslan (Jefferson City) and Samantha Crouch (Warrensburg) for winning $100 classroom grants from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation.

Sarah Rosslan: “Our district theme this year is JC READS.  As the library media specialist, I am trying new and different ways to promote a love of reading.  One of my ideas this year is to host book reveal “parties”.  Letters would be sent to classrooms a few days prior to build excitement.  Students would gather in the library media center around a wrapped box to see what was sent.  Once opened, each student would receive their own copy of a book.  A special reading of the book would be done with a healthy snack to end the party.

We, as educators, know reading is essential to elementary students success, but grade appropriate reading materials in the home might be needed.  Book reveal parties would promote reading and let each student leave with their own copy of the book to share and reread with their family.”

Samantha Crouch: “I am trying to spice up grammar in my classroom. So, I thought of what a better way than a classroom transformation! We are going to transform my room into Little Italy. Students will focus on the 7 parts of speech and turn it into a menu. Each group will create a menu and an answer key for the parts of speech. We will prepare dishes from the menus, it will be optional for the students, but I will be cooking some items. Not only would I use the money for supplies and decorations, but I plan on using it for food too. Then will be doing some taste testing and have to write responses using the parts of speech to describe how items taste.”

You can apply for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation mini-grant! Good luck!