Missouri State Teachers Foundation March Classroom Grant winners

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Congratulations to Emily Reynolds from Columbia Public Schools and Kim McMurry from Fox C-6 for winning March’s $100 Classroom Grants from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation!

Emily Reynolds: “At the TAWL conference, I heard Steve Jenkins speak about science, literacy and his bookmaking process.  He writes and illustrates nonfiction picture books with his wife, Robin Page.  I would like to purchase more of their books, including “Animals By the Numbers” and Biggest, Strongest, Fastest,” to use with my first graders.  I plan to purchase used copies from Better World Books.  I currently use several of his books, including Actual Size and Creature Features, with our CPS Science Zoo program.  Through this program, first grade classes in our school district receive a stuffed animal every two weeks.  During those two weeks, our class makes predictions about the animals, based on clues sent with the animal.  Then I ask my students to write down what they know and wonder about the animals.  Afterwards, we research answers to their wonderings  through books, websites and videos. At the end of the two weeks, students write facts they’ve learned and draw the animal. They keep their writing in a binder and add to it throughout the year.  This program and the books that I plan to purchase help students integrate science concepts with nonfiction reading skills, informational writing strategies and math, specifically measurement.”

Kim McMurry: “I am the reading specialist in my school.  I have been training and helping my teachers to administer reading benchmarks for our students.  They use these results to give reading instruction in small groups that fit the student needs.  I would like to purchase student books for administering the benchmarks so the children do not have to read from a copied worksheet.   Using an actual book is more authentic and realistic and can give us more accurate results.  This would make our benchmark assessments more usable and meaningful.”

Congratulations again,Emily and Kim!

You can apply for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation mini-grant! Good luck!

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