Congratulations to Kathie O’Connor (Fox C-6) and Tamye Almon (Northwest R-1) for winning $100 classroom grants from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation.

Kathie O’Connor: “Sensory activities allow students to refine their abilities to support different sensory information. Sensory input contributes to their brain developing stronger connections to sensory input. I would love to create an indoor sensory pathway for students of all learning abilities. The pathway in our school would be aimed to include such activities as gross motor input, fine motor input, proprioceptive sensory input, among other sensory exploration activities. These activities would be available to help fidgety students stay calm and regulate their bodies or when they just need a break. Some students also need an opportunity to burn off excess energy, thus helping them learn better. The pathway would include mindful activities which are beneficial to children of all ages and abilities. The pathway would also help the development of motor skills for students with OT support within their IEP’s. I will work closely with my building administrators to implement the best fit for out student community.
Thank you for this opportunity to support the student at my school.”

Tamye Almon: “For the past several years I have used the program TenMarks to assist students with math. The program allows students to work with math strategies and concepts directly connected to their needs. The program can be used at school and at home. Student progress is tracked with each use, whether at home or school, and compiled in a report for the teacher. The lessons are quite “kid friendly” and rewards them with visual signs as they progress. This program has been available for free in the past. Sadly, this year they are charging $5 per student. I would apply the $100 toward 22 student license so each student in my class could have their own account. For some students this is the only academic outlet they have at home. I greatly appreciate your consideration of this request.”

You can apply for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation mini-grant! Good luck!

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