Congratulations to Katie Allen from Macks Creek Elementary and Heidi Beatty from Northeast Nodaway R-V for winning January’s $100 Classroom Grants from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation!

“I am a sponsor for an extracurricular cooking class for students in 3rd thru 6th grade,” Allen wrote in her application. “Each week we create different recipes that are easy to cook with or without a parent. There are many students who are home by themselves before their parents get home and they are left to find their own dinner. Our purpose is to make recipes that with food that they may find in their own pantry. I know this isn’t an “in the classroom” activity, but this helps the student develop life skills that they will need in their future. The money would help offset the cost of buying the food for each week.”

“If I am awarded the Missouri State Teachers Grant, I will use the money to increase opportunities for literacy growth by purchasing a book for each student in my class every month of the school year,” Beatty wrote in her application. “I have started by purchasing the $1 book from Scholastic for all 10 students. Their excitement and joy of owning a book as well as the number of students that went ahead and read the book quickly left me looking for ways to continue fostering this excitement. My school district has a high free/reduced lunch rate and often times, this comes with students who don’t own many possessions. What they do own are essentials, and unfortunately, a book may not be considered a need for survival. If you fund this project, it would provide enough money to purchase each child in my class a book every month: a book they will own and be able to read for joy, for Scholastic points at school, for progress on their Library BINGO pages and more. The greatest of reasons is to hope they find themselves lost in a good book!”

Congratulations again, Katie and Heidi!

You can apply for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation mini-grant! Good luck!

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