Missouri State Teachers Foundation February Classroom Grant winners

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Congratulations to Susan Weedman from Mehlville School District and Melinda Saunders from Potosi Elementary for winning February’s $100 Classroom Grants from the Missouri State Teachers Foundation!

“Students will be working in conjunction with Family and Consumer Science and Art students to make raised dog beds for the rescue shelter, “The Goode Life Pet Rescue” in Herculaneum, Missouri,” Weedman wrote in her application. “They need as many as we can make! One raised dog bed calls for 8 pieces of 3 by 6 boards, 2 pieces of 2 x 6 and 1 box of drywall screws. The Art class will paint the boards and the FACS class will make the pillows. Help me give my students wood so they can complete this amazing project! We want to help give back to the community. This project will be focusing on the importance of improving our community and having compassion for other beings. We are excited to give back to our furry friends.”

“Our school district has implemented a new Tutoring Program called TAP which will allow every student in our district to have the opportunity to stay for tutoring after school with transportation provided,” Saunders wrote in her application. “I would use the $100.00 to purchase STEM activities for the students to use during tutoring. STEM activities will allow the students the opportunity to work together as a team to explore, research, experiment, and use communication skills together to work to solve the task given. STEM allows the ability for all students, at-risk and high flyers, to use what they already know along with the new knowledge learned to successfully complete each task as they follow steps to complete the project.”

Congratulations again, Susan and Melinda!

You can apply for next month’s Missouri State Teachers Foundation mini-grant! Good luck!