Todd Fuller discusses MSTA’s Legal Services with one of the Association’s three staff attorneys, Scott Smith. With the beginning of a new academic year, it’s nice to be reminded of all of the available legal services for MSTA members.

In the video, Fuller and Smith discuss how an MSTA member accesses legal services. All MSTA members are not only allowed but also encouraged to call Legal Services directly at (866) 343-6186 or via email at Smith is also ready to take your calls directly at (573) 499-5429. MSTA members are always welcome to contact legal services to field questions.

The pair also discuss potential misconceptions members might have with how legal services functions at MSTA, including questions like “Do I have to go to my CTA President before contacting a staff attorney?” Smith and Fuller assure members that they do not have to contact anyone before reaching out Legal Services. Furthermore, they remind members that every discussion with their team is completely confidential. Also, no further action will be taken without the MSTA member’s full consent. Smith reminds viewers that the MSTA member is always in complete control.

Members are encouraged to contact Legal Services to better understand the ramifications of what is happening in their district, to help clarify policies and bylaws and to answer any and all questions they come across. Learn about all of this and more in the video below.

MSTA legal discussion from MSTA on Vimeo.

If you have any questions related to MSTA in general, not necessarily legal-related, please contact the Member Care team at (800) 392-0532 or Have a great start to the school year!