Like students, some teachers greet the impending end of the semester with excitement, others just feel extra stressed. No matter where your feelings on the semester are at right now, the following tips will help you pull through the remaining days of the semester successfully:

  • Schedule your activities well: Proper organization of the existing activities will make learning purposeful even though the students may not be as focused as they were at the beginning of the year. Fun topics will keep them more involved and reduce distractions.
  • Use physical lessons and games: This is a good way to keep motivation high for learning and teaching. You may decide to make a video of the topic or play spelling games.
  • Provide an outlet: Some students may be very apprehensive about the end of the year and change in their typical routines. Let the students know that there is someone to forward their concerns to by setting up a “worry box”.
  • Reward and aim to keep motivation high: Use specific rewards to keep students motivated. Rewards could be work-related or effort/behavior-related. You can organize a class treat for the students such as a special treat or a lesson-related scavenger hunt.
  • Ensure the students remain focusedBe focused on keeping the students to their daily routine. Although it can be challenging, especially if there are field days and special events, anxious students may feel more secure they can quickly get back to a normal routine. To the rest, it becomes easier to manage behavior in days similar to normal.
  • Ensure your behavior expectations remain high:  Avoid letting things slip. Let the students know where the line is and the consequences for crossing the line.
  • Ask for assistance any time you need helpFeeling stressed is normal especially at the end of the semester when you may be overwhelmed by grading and end-of-year obligations.  Don’t be afraid to say no (if you can) to an event or obligation and ask for help if you need it.