Julie Hodges, Candidate for Vice President

Work history
Sikeston R-6, kindergarten, 21 years
Sikeston R-6, fourth grade, 4 years
Sikeston R-6, assistant, 2 years

MSTA volunteer leadership
Calendar Committee, Sikeston CTA, 11 years
Legislative Committee, Sikeston CTA, 11 years
Executive/Professional Development Committee, Sikeston CTA, 25 years
President, Sikeston CTA, 11 years
Vice president, Sikeston CTA, 9 years
Secretary, Sikeston CTA, 3 years
Salary chair, Sikeston CTA, 9 years
State, AB&R, Southeast Region, 3 years
State Board of Directors, Southeast Region, 8 years
State Board of Directors, treasurer, 4 years
Career Ladder Committee co-chair, Sikeston CTA, 5 years

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Thank, educate and motivate.

I am proud to say that I have made MSTA an important part of my professional life for the past 27 years. I have served at the local, regional, and state levels for 23 years. I am a seasoned member of our professional organization. MSTA has been fundamental to my growth as both an educator and a leader.

When I think MSTA, I think of the value of being part of a TEAM and what that should mean to us as educators. Let’s break it down. The T in team stands for thank. How important it is to recognize the value of each individual’s contributions to our work as professionals! We need to come together to identify professionalism, celebrate the best practices in our classrooms, and encourage our members to pursue their personal best each day through collegiality.

The E stands for educate. Of course, we are educators of students in our schools, but we also need to focus on the education of our members including both new teachers and seasoned teachers. We should encourage and provide opportunities to develop leadership within our ranks. We are also an important voice that guides the public, our communities, and lawmakers on the important educational issues of the day. We need to use the platform that we have to make sure that decisions that are made in education are representing the best interest of our students.

And, the M is for motivate. We want to motivate our students to reach their highest potential. Our association also encourages teachers to give 100 percent of themselves to their students. At the local level, we must continue to work closely with administration to help them see how to support teachers and communicate effectively and often with our school boards to ensure they can make the best choices for students.

Now is the time for us to all be on the same team and make it known that MSTA educators want what is best for their students. Each one of us plays an important part in the success of the team. I would like to continue to serve our team in a leadership role. I would greatly appreciate your support and vote at convention to become the next vice president of MSTA.

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