MSTA’s Director of Communication, Todd Fuller, talks to Staff Attorney, Jane O’Toole, about recent legislative changes impacting collective bargaining for teachers and school personnel.

In the video, Fuller and O’Toole discuss how the new law changes the method for a group to become the exclusive representative and how they hold onto the designation.

Make sure to review Board Policy regularly, as there may be amendments to policy in response to the legislation.

Members should contact MSTA’s Legal Services to better understand the ramifications and to answer any and all questions they come across. Learn about all of this and more in the video below.

HB 1413 Union Representation Discussion with MSTA Staff Attorney Jane O’Toole from MSTA on Vimeo.

If you have any questions related to MSTA in general, not necessarily legal-related, please contact the Member Care team at (800) 392-0532 or Have a great start to the school year!

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