We asked you to share the mnemonic devices, media, music and unusual memory tricks you use with your students. Some of these brought back memories for the MSTA staff and others we wish we knew sooner!

“There are so many!” – Miranda White

“I like to sing math lessons. The song I have attached was written to help students remember to place a zero in the ones place when multiplying by the tens place when multiplying multi-digit whole numbers. It was written to the tune of “Oh When the Saints Go Marching In.” Verse 2 was written to remind them to place a zero in the ONES and TENS place when multiplying by the hundreds place.” – Amy Earl

“We use the line, “Dogs Must Sit Down.” This is for long division, reminding the students to Divide, Multiply, Subtract and Drop Down.” – Jen Gill

“The memory trigger that I use with my EL students when I want them to quiet down and listen in the library is this: We use one fist raised and closed to signal voice level 0 — silence. This is one of the PBIS ideas. I have taken it further by having them raise a ‘Pinky Paw‘ (our mascot is the bulldogs) they raise their 0 level paw and then hold up a pinky. The pinky paw is only used in the library, our special signal to quiet down and it works most of the time. Especially when we have students who remind each other about the ‘pinky paw.’ All I have to do is raise my  ‘pinky paw’  and the students start noticing.” – Marcia Rhinehart

“My third graders get commas and apostrophes confused. So we say apostrophes go up in the air; commas are down on the carpet.” – Shannon Lightfoot

“In the last minute of the hour, secondary students get a little antsy and want to talk (or check phones) instead of finishing up what they are working on ;) so I made a little song that they love to hear and clap along with (and they do, believe it or not): (to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it”)
If I can’t hear the bell, we don’t leave (clap, clap)
If I can’t hear the bell, we don’t leave (clap, clap)
We’ll be in class forever (index fingers pointing downward)
and we’ll have LOTS of fun together (both thumbs up!)
But if I can’t hear the bell, we don’t leave (clap clap)
A colleague (the band director) was in my class to hear it one day and adapted it for band as well :D” – Jennifer Kidwell

“In working with students in Special Education, I have found that sometimes they don’t remember which numbers or even and which ones are odd.
So, we just use the cheer: 2, 4, 6, 8 Who do we appreciate, EVEN NUMBERS” – Dennis Bunch

“I’m doing a unit on the brain with my students where they have to create their own mnemonics to remember major parts of the brain! My example was one I made: the thalamus relays all sensory information except for smell. I said that the thalamus was like the Voldemort of the brain, because Voldemort doesn’t have much of a nose, but is very sensitive to other senses!” – Kelly Yambor

“For the 5 Themes of Geography: Monkeys (Movement), Really (Region), Like (Location), Instant (human/environment Interaction) Pancakes (Place).” – Jennifer Lehr