UPDATE: Ballots are out! Be sure to vote today. 

Members of the PSRS/PEERS retirement system elect two members to represent them on the Board of Trustees every two years. These Board members are tasked with a fiduciary duty to the members of the retirement systems and make decisions on behalf of its members. Two candidates for the Board are endorsed by MSTA.

Dr. Aaron Zalis is seeking his third term on the Board and currently serves as chair. He is superintendent at Rolla Public Schools, where he has served on the administration team since 1994. He has served as president of the Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA) South Central Region as well as that organization’s vice president and Secretary/Treasurer, MSAPAC representative and the newly formed MASA ethics committee. Dr. Zalis is a member of the Missouri Association of School Business Administrators (MoASBO), Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA) and Rolla Certified Teachers Association, and is a past member of the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP).


Yvonne Heath has served for two terms on the Board. She has been a special educator for Republic Public Schools for 16 years. Prior to teaching, she was a special education paraprofessional for seven years. She has held several offices in the Republic CTA, including president, vice president, treasurer and membership chair. She has served MSTA at the regional level, through the MSTA Southwest Region Teacher Education and Professional Standards (TEPS) Committee and the Public Relations Committee. At the state level, she is currently serving on the Communication Awards Committee. Mrs. Heath has also been active on the national level, through the National Council of Teacher Retirement, as a member of the Trustee Education Committee for the past three years.


MSTA members are currently collecting signatures across the state to ensure that our endorsed candidates will be on the ballot.

Anyone who is in either the PSRS (teacher, counselor, librarian, or administrator) or PEERS (paraprofessional, bus driver, custodian, etc.) system can sign both petitions. Both active (employed) members and retired members can sign the petition.

To learn more about the petition, contact Krista Meyer.


PSRS/PEERS Board of Trustees Election Calendar

February 29              Signed petitions turn-in deadline

April 29                      Ballots are mailed to all PSRS/PEERS active and retired members

May 13                       Voting deadline

May 23                       Ballots are verified, winners are announced