Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Patrick Cozens the marketing director for Apperson, which produces academic and social-emotional assessment solutions to support educators in their work to teach the “whole child.”

September can be a stressful time for teachers. They have never-ending to-do lists and are busy setting up their classrooms, preparing lesson plans, prepping for first tests, meeting parents and getting familiar with their students.

Teachers can ease the stress of those first few weeks by equipping themselves with the skills to promote positive attitudes.

Here are some tips from a new free Back to School eBook from assessment leader Apperson to help teachers get the school year off to a healthy, happy start.

  • Start building strong relationships from day one. Research shows that a strong and caring teacher/student relationship can foster student success. Consider these strategies to lay the groundwork:
    1. Get to know students as individuals – ask about their interests or summer break
    2. Empower students by letting them play a role in setting classroom rules
    3. Share a personal experience about overcoming an obstacle..
    4. Show students respect by really listening to them and by speaking to them like a peer.
  • Make sure to have these key supplies at your desk:
    1. Emergency supplies such as Tylenol, cough drops, chocolate, and energy bars
    2. Student supplies like tape, glue, a stapler and pens
    3. An extra phone charger
    4. An “I Need to Smile” folder for challenging days. The teacher can include cute artwork from students, uplifting articles or other items that remind him or her why he or she became a teacher.
    5. A high-speed test scanner such as the DataLink 3000 to free up time and provide immediate feedback on where students are excelling and struggling
  • Take care of yourself and plan your day. Eat a wholesome breakfast, exercise, drink water, and take short breaks between bells to indulge in something like social media or a magazine. Schedule harder tasks for the mornings, when energy levels are highest.

By adopting some of these simple tips, teachers can ease classroom stress and set themselves and their students up for a successful year.

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