Editor’s Note: This is part of the Can They Do That series. 

If you teach in Missouri, chances are you’ve had at least a few days out of the classroom due to bad weather. While the occasional snow day can be a welcome break, at some point you have to go back to school. At MSTA, we’ve gotten lots of questions about the rules regarding making up instruction time so we wanted to share the rules.

A few years ago, the state legislature passed a bill that was intended to put an end to the practice of piecemeal legislation forgiving snow days. Every year, different parts of the state would face inclement weather and the legislature would be asked to passes laws to forgive excessive days off.

The definition of inclement weather includes: snow, ice, extremely cold temperatures, flooding and tornadoes. It does not include excessive heat. Therefore school days missed for heat do not fall under this law. Days missed due to illness also do not meet the requirements of this law.

School days missed for weather cannot be made up by adding minutes or hours to remaining school days. However, if you are on a four-day school week, your district may schedule makeup days on the off day (for example, in some district this might be Friday, for others, it might be Tuesday or Monday).

Every school day missed must be made up until you miss the seventh day. At that point, one day must be made up for every two days missed until 14 days are missed. After the 14th day, no more days are required to be made up.

Days Missed Days to Make Up
1 Day 1
2 Days 2
3 Days 3
4 Days 4
5 Days 5
6 Days 6
7 Days 7
8 Days 7
9 Days 8
10 Days 8
11 Days 9
12 Days 9
13 Days 10
14 Days 10
14 + Days 10

We hope this helps answer your questions about making up snow or inclement weather days!