Before the school year finished, we asked MSTA members to share the “best thing to happen this year.” Throughout the summer, we will be sharing some of the great responses to lift you up, encourage you or just to make you smile. 

One of the best things that happened this year in my Pre-K classroom was the success I had with a very difficult student who had trouble controlling his behavior and emotions. He had terrible outbursts and a lot of very rough days for us both. As the year progressed, I worked really hard on helping him to find ways to deal with his emotions the right way. It was a long, slow road but by the middle of the year we had most of the kinks worked out and he became one of the best students in the classroom in so many ways!  And, even better is that we found out how really intelligent he is and I have had the joy of helping him to learn and grow so much!  I am sorry to see him move on to kindergarten, but so excited to watch what he becomes and know that I helped just a little!  Carie Boswell, Scott City R-1 


The best thing that happened this year was being placed in such a growing district! I was given an opportunity this year to move to a new town, new district, new school, and new grade! I was brought in with open arms and supported through what basically was a first year all over again! Between the staff, admin, parents, and students, I feel like I landed where I am supposed to be!  Dustin Romans, Belton 124


I had a student that has a super difficult time with spelling. She spells very phonically, leaving out vowels and letters that she cannot hear. This student is a very good story writer, but when it came time to peer edit and revise ,other students couldn’t read her stories. I tried so many different things with her to try to build her spelling skills. Then in April, I decided to try to have her type her stories and use spell check. I had to teach her how to use spell check and she caught on quickly. She is a low reader but is able to identify a lot of words when she sees them. She was able to identify the correct replacement word if she spelled the initial word close enough. She was also able to see where she had left out letters in some of her words. She was amazed at how she could now check her own paper for spelling mistakes. She could see the improvement and is now proud of her work. We still have a long way to go, but I feel this has been one of my biggest success stories this year. I just wish that I had thought of it earlier in the year!  Donna Broadwell, Novinger, Adair Co. R-1 


The best thing that happened this year was adding a Little Free Library outside my school library door.  Students were VERY excited about this opportunity to trade books and have used it daily since it was opened a few months ago.  It has melted my heart to see how much my students love books and sharing them with others!   Debbie Baker 





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