Before the school year finished, we asked members to share the “best thing to happen this year.” Throughout the summer, we will be sharing some of the great responses to lift you up, encourage you or just to make you smile. 

I’m extremely excited to help my students receive their Microsoft Office Specialists in either Excel or Word. I have wanted to be able to do this for many years. I’m grateful to my administrators for their support! I have amazing students! This year was our first year to offer an “Honors” in Business. Students must take 3 classes in a sequence and pass the industry recognized exam- The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. 

I am also overjoyed about my brand-new classroom. (We added on to our building and I have a top of the line business room.) Lucky me!  Nikki Cunningham, Thayer R-2 


My favorite moment this year was of a beginning band student. This student struggled for months to do the necessary fundamentals. In November, something clicked for this kid and they went from last chair to first chair. The spark in this kid’s eye was the reason I do what I do. Simply beautiful!  Cody Jinkerson, Dexter R-11 


One of my students that struggles in math took his final. He waited until all of the students left and expressed concern about passing. I put in his grade for the final and showed him that he passed. He nearly cried and hugged me and thanked me for helping him outside of class so that he could pass.  Christina King, Sullivan C-2 High School 


I was given a high school student to test. When the secretary brought him to me, I introduced myself and put out my hand to shake his hand. He walked away and said he wasn’t going to take my test. I suggested that we go into the room just to talk for a bit. He sat away from the table and again said he wasn’t going to take the test. He said his mom thinks he needs help and he doesn’t. I told him I wasn’t sure why he was being tested but that I was told to do it. The SPED coordinator wasn’t at school that day so I really wasn’t sure what to do because this was my first year on the job and he was my first kiddo who was refusing to test. I just began to chitchat with him about sports. Eventually, I explained what the test was and asked if we could at least start the test and see what he thought about it. I told him I could just do part today and part another day if he wanted. He finally said he would look at it. I opened up the iPads and started the first subtest. He was quite a distance from the table, so he had to reach to work on the first subtest. After a couple of questions, he inched a bit closer and then closer again after another few questions. Eventually, he was at the table. He ended up completing the entire test (about an hour). At the end of the test I asked if it was that bad after all and he smiled and said no. I said well maybe we should try again… I introduced myself and put out my hand again. This time he shook my hand, introduced himself, and then even apologized to me for his earlier behavior. I smiled really big and thanked him for apologizing and for completing the test. Huge win for me!!!   Nicole Stratton, Sedalia 200 




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