Every summer, for the last 64 years, Pat and Mac Sawyer have spent a week at Bunker Hill. They started coming with three other couples from Rolla, and the group grew over the years as the families grew. This past summer, their daughter Gail flew from Arizona to the Sawyer home in Lincoln, Nebraska, and they drove to Bunker Hill to meet up with their other two grown children, Ann and Lee and their families. A total of 46 attended the annual July reunion.

In 1955, it was quite a trek on the gravel roads and Pat recalls, “when you get to Bunker Hill you’d wonder if you’d gone the wrong way.” The route down to the site was so narrow she remembers the sound of trees rubbing on the side of their car.

For the young families, a vacation at Bunker Hill was a true vacation. Pat explains the cabins had no kitchens, and therefore there were no expectations to prepare meals.

“Having a dining hall was wonderful. And the wonderful people who ran Bunker always made it so easy,” she says.

She recalls when there were no bathrooms in the cabins as well (something that was added, unlike kitchens). They’d take the kids to the bathhouse to shower after a full day of fishing, swimming, and playing.

“We soaped them up and hoped they wouldn’t slip down the drain,” she recalls with a laugh.

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