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Welcoming a Student Teacher

By Pam Clifton It’s the moment an education major has been waiting for. Student teaching is one of the hardest, most challenging and stressful times of a soon-to-be teacher’s life. It can also be one of the most rewarding experiences. The first day for the student teacher can be challenging for the cooperating teacher as well if he or she has not prepared the students. It can be intimidating for a teacher-in-training to walk into a room full of students he or she doesn’t know. John Hartley, an MSTA member and sixth-grade science and social studies teacher, has had eight student teachers [...]

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Living an Unbusy Life

By Sarah Papineau I have to pick up my kids after school by 5:30 p.m. If I get there late it costs me my normal rate plus a dollar a minute for child care. What if I have a meeting that runs late? A dollar a minute. If traffic is bad? A dollar a minute. Hit a water buffalo? A dollar a minute. Can you imagine being 10 minutes late or, heaven forbid, 30 minutes late due to unforeseen circumstances? There’s a decent price tag for that little delay. So you understand when I say that I have to pick up my [...]

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Mock Scenarios Help Students Take Charge of Learning

BY ALI VEATCH We have all heard about Project Based Learning (PBL) being used in classrooms across the United States. Project Based Learning can look incredibly different depending on the subject being taught, at what level, and the experience that both teachers and students have with PBL. This type of learning can also go by many different names, but it is essentially teaching curriculum and covering standards while students discover information as they take charge of their own education in order to reach a goal or end result. One way my classroom uses PBL is mock scenarios. I mostly teach a civics [...]

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