Report on the Salary Schedules & Benefits of Missouri Public School Teachers

This invaluable publication summarizes the salary schedule practices of Missouri schools — district by district. It also includes financial facts about Missouri schools, with information on teacher salaries, tax levies, student data and much more.

Contact Mandy Henry at with any questions.

MSTA members have free access to an interactive tool that allows you to compare districts’ salary schedules and benefits side-by-side.


Salary and Finance Workshops

These videos are designed to teach you how to have a productive salary committee that will hopefully get results. Our goal is to help you get a jump-start on the process and prepare for the negotiations with administration and the school board.

These are great training videos for your Salary Committee members to watch on their own or together at your next meeting. Email to request the password to access the video.

In these videos, we break down the formula and other school finance issues into something that everyone can understand.  Whether you are new to school finance or just need a refresher, these videos are for you. We will educate your Salary Committee members by giving them a basic understanding of school funding sources and how they might impact your district. It is helpful to have this understanding before attending one of our Salary Workshops in February or March. Email to request the password to access this video.

This video can be used to help you better understand the Financial Analysis that is provided to you at the Salary Workshops in February or March.  We go through the analysis page by page so that you gain a better understanding of what the information on your analysis is telling you.  This video is intended to be especially helpful to those that received a financial analysis from us, but were unable to attend one of our Salary Workshops in which one of our Salary Consultants would sit down with you to discuss your individual analysis. Email to request the password to access this video.

At this workshop, you will receive a Financial Analysis that will detail how much money is available for your specific district. Our consultant will take the time to discuss this analysis with you individually and answer any questions you may have. While you are waiting to discuss your analysis, MSTA staff will be available to lead you and other workshop attendees in a group discussion in which everyone can exchange ideas as to what is working in their districts.

Our hope is that this would help you be even more successful with your salary requests. It is important to register early for this workshop so that we have time to prepare your analysis. Registration ends five days prior to the workshop date.

We offer several workshops at various locations throughout the state. We strongly encourage you to watch our online Finance 101 videos prior to attending a Salary Workshop.