Don’t Resign Under Pressure

If you are working within the specified time period of a contract, other than an “at-will” contract, you cannot legally be required to resign. The district may ask for your resignation, but you do not have to comply. There have been situations in which a bad-apple administrator has tried to coerce, manipulate or threaten a staff member into turning in a resignation. You do not have to do it. You have a legal right to continue working unless and until the district provides you with due process — notice of charges and an opportunity to be heard.* Ultimately, you may choose to resign, but you cannot be forced into it.

If you find yourself in a meeting where you are being asked to resign, be cooperative but firm in relaying your need to consult privately with your MSTA representative before making such a significant change in your employment status.

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Last updated by mattw on February 4, 2019
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