Complete your Beginning Teacher Assistance Program requirement with MSTA.

Presenters were so helpful and informative.  They made the day and learning fun.  This was a great experience!

Onsite BTAP Participant

Being able to do this online at my own pace allowed a lot of time for other things to wrap-up the school year.  Choosing the online course provides teachers the flexibility to work around a busy teacher’s schedule.

Russell Emery

I learned new strategies for classroom environment and student engagement.

Onsite BTAP Participant

Lots of useful information!  Having the time to collaborate and share ideas with others was awesome.  Not only did I get ideas from other teachers, but it was good to know I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed as a first-year teacher.

Onsite BTAP Participant

The Onsite BTAP was informative and engaging.  I was expecting to fall asleep, but I enjoyed every moment of the day!

Onsite BTAP Participant

The discussion forum within the online BTAP is extremely valuable.  It provides an opportunity to talk with other teachers from different districts.  This is extremely beneficial.

Katie Puckett

Very helpful content and the online availability made it incredibly convenient!

Anne Papineau

I think it was a simple way to get information about being a first-year teacher and gave several resources that you can go back & revisit for further reference.

Sadie Schottel