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COVID-19 Resources for teachers. Videos, FAQs and articles keeping educators up-to-date on how the pandemic is affecting schools. 

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MSTA has compiled this list of answers to frequently asked questions to help school employees navigate this time. Please understand this a fluid situation that can change by the hour. We will update as things continue to change.

  • Are districts required to pay contracted employees during district closure?
  • Are districts required to pay non-contracted, hourly employees during district closures?
  • Can a district force an employee to change/cancel travel plans?
  • Can a school district require employees to log their travel plans with the district while the district closed?
  • Can a school district require or ask employees to come in and work during a school closure (e.g. provide “child care services” for the community)?
  • Can I benefit from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program?
  • Do non-contracted employees qualify for unemployment benefits if they are quarantined or the district closes?
  • How does the CARES Act affect me?
  • Q. Are employees required to notify their district if they are feeling symptomatic or test positive for COVID-19?
  • What changes to sick leave were included in the law passed?
  • What changes to sick leave were included in the law passed?
  • What steps are districts required to take to clean/disinfect schools to protect teachers and employees?

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