Take a stand! Be part of National History Day in Missouri

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from the State Historical Society of Missouri, in partnership with the Missouri Humanities Council, administers National History Day in Missouri. For more information, contact Maggie Mayhan at mayhanm@shsmo.org or 573.882.7083.

Empower your students with real-world skills and activate their creativity through National History Day in Missouri.

National History Day is a unique opportunity for students in grades six to 12 to explore the past in a creative, hands-on way. While producing a documentary, exhibit, paper, performance, or website, they become an expert on the topic of their choosing while meeting your standards.

Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year award winner Maureen Funk said, “National History Day is the most outstanding project-based learning program that I have encountered in 38 years. My students learn more from their NHD projects than from any other project we do.”

Join us for the 2016-2017 National History Day season: the theme for this year is Taking a Stand in History. With five different media categories and the option to select topics ranging from local history to global issues, the project possibilities are endless for you and your students.

Whether your students design an exhibit about civil rights activist Lucile Bluford, build a website about storming the Bastille, or make a documentary on Alice Paul’s role in securing women’s suffrage, they will strengthen their skills, increase their confidence, and be ready to stand by their work.

Meanwhile, National History Day offers educators several professional development opportunities, including webinars, workshops, and online graduate classes. Whether you are new to NHD or a seasoned sponsor, the program presents a variety of continuing education choices.

Want to share all the benefits of National History Day with your school? Check out the national evaluation of the program, which found:

  • NHD students outperform their peers on state standardized tests, not only in social studies but also in reading, science, and math.
  • NHD students are better writers who write with a purpose and a real voice while marshaling solid evidence to support their point of view.
  • NHD students are critical thinkers who digest, analyze, and synthesize information.
  • NHD students gain 21st century skills, learning how to collaborate with team members, talk to experts, manage their time, and persevere.
  • NHD has a positive impact on students, creating a meaningful educational experience.

Get started today! Visit nhdmo.org. Questions? Contact: nhdmo@shsmo.org or 573.882.7083.