Unsung Hero: Stacy Bonderer

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Recipients of the 2017 Unsung Heroes of MSTA Award were chosen by the MSTA field service coordinators and were celebrated at the annual Convention. The award recognizes those who have made a substantive, yet unrecognized, contribution to MSTA and our mission to advocate for and empower public educators so they can teach. These people are admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. We will share profiles of the honorees each Monday, Wednesday and Friday in January and February.

Stacey Bonderer

School District:  Fulton Public Schools

School Building:  Fulton High School

Grade/Subject Taught:  English and Debate

Years teaching:  31

Years in MSTA:  20


What is one of your goals for this year?

I’d like to see our new CTA sponsored suggestion boxes become a trusted norm within the district.

What would make this the Best Year Ever?

If we could double our meeting attendance, I’d consider it the best year yet!

How did you get involved with MSTA?

My original membership began in college when I was student teaching. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded be people who believed in and stressed the importance of membership in a professional organization.

Why did you want to be involved with MSTA leadership?

I saw a leadership role with MSTA as a way to get involved at a higher level in both my profession and my district.

How has MSTA helped your career?

Working with the executive committee of my CTA keeps me aware of important issues and helps me to better understand the inner workings of my district.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I love to spend my free time at home, preferably with my family!

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