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We wanted to know how you decorate your classroom for the holidays and your answers did not disappoint!

I teach French, so to celebrate the holiday season, I put up an Advent calendar. Each day until December 25 is represented by a “door.” I open a door each morning, revealing a QR code for the kids to scan. When they scan the code, it directs them to a picture or video with something holiday-related in the French culture. Very fun! – Jennifer Kidwell

I decorate my classroom in various ways. I always have a wreath on the door (although some years I’ve “wrapped” the door like a present–see picture) and various holiday decorations on the bookshelves and filing cabinets. I also make my overhead projector look like a gift I’ve gotten from Santa. – Amy Schneider

I was blessed to have some amazing volunteers design and decorate my door and the entryway to my classroom. These volunteers went above and beyond to spread the holiday cheer and brighten up our December! – Ali Cardoza

We put up a tree and lights as well as decorate our door. This year we made our door look like a wizarding fireplace complete with Floo Powder and green flames. – Elizabeth Miles

I decorate for the holidays with my little lime green Christmas tree and some ornaments. – Shannon Berghoff

My art room is decorated with the wonderful winter projects from by my art students! – Angie Carmack

My own children (aged 9, 6, and 6) love to draw and write notes for my students on my spare whiteboard and on paper that I hang up. My students get a kick of out the holiday drawings and messages! – Beth Freeman

Our classroom is warm and inviting, especially around Christmas time. We have a miniature Christmas tree with a paper chain decorating the tree from the beginning of the year. Ornaments adorn the tree that my past students have gifted to me around Christmas time. Then, to add a little extra Christmas color and cheer to the classroom we make a paper chain that will remain in the classroom the rest of the year because each link of the chain has a kind message from each student to another student in the class. – Rachel Hays

We have two trees in our room, one is baseball themed and the other one is sports themed. We lots of Christmas decorations sprinkled throughout our classroom, including a poinsettia in a basketball planter and a snowman made out of a softball. Our Elf on the Shelf, MATHew, even created an Elfie Selfie photo booth! You can definitely tell it’s Christmas time in 5V! – Darbie Valenti

As an early elementary librarian we like to celebrate Dr. Seuss in all we do, including Christmas. Mr. Grinch brings his upside-down tree and his dancing and singing self to our library every Monday after Thanksgiving break and stays through the entire month of December. He loves to dance but he only sings for classes that are being respectful, responsible and safe as they enjoy their time in the library. – Tisha Clawson

I teach Health Sciences in our Career Center and we are in hospital clinicals for the month of December so, we have very little classroom time. We do have a large bulletin board just outside our door so we decorate it. I let the students design and decorate it but, I always make sure that there are cutouts of presents or snowflakes or stockings ect. that students can write their names on. I teach high school Jr.s and Sr.s but everyone likes to see their name up on a board. I think it gives them a feeling of belonging and unity. It’s our way of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! – Connie Thompson

Put up our tree in the back of our classroom and I allow the students to hang ornaments on it plus I add the ornaments that students have brought me in the past years. I decorate the windows with my window clings and I have festive garland that I hang around the room. The students writings also adore our classroom. This year the students wrote about their elves. – Michelle Davis

I have icicle lights on my whiteboard. There are sparkly red snowflakes hanging around the room and red & white garlands hanging near my windows. The door is decorated with wrapping paper and a big red bow. The unused board space is filled with student drawings. I let my junior and senior English students decorate. This helps to make it theirs, and all I have to do is get out of the way. – Barb Crawley

We drew turkeys and fake snowflakes. We also have plastic packages hanging from yarn in the windows. The children have all made snowman and winter pictures to go on are doors. One of my student drew the polar express for my door. All the students have written wish list on what they would want for Christmas and we have them hanging up. – Vivian Hays

My students and I like to beautify our fourth-grade classroom with decorations that they have made! We have coloring contests and hang our entries around the room for the judges to see. We decorate our tree with Santa ornaments that they create with their first-grade pals. It is truly a group effort to transform our classroom into a winter wonderland!  – Jen Gill

In my third grade classroom, we create holiday wreaths to hang from the ceiling! We also have Christmas lights around the room. Our elf on the shelf, Jingle, also visits daily! – Heather Oldham

I love DECEMBER!!! I make decorating a month long process in the classroom. I start on Dec 1st with a small tree in the classroom. I let the students know that each day when they return from their morning support class there will be a new decoration for them to find. They LOVE it. I do lights, ornaments (that the students make), rugs, etc. It is always a lot of fun. It’s also fun to hear what the students predict the next days decor will be. – Abby Thompson

As I have older students this year, I decorated my door, added squishy clings on my windows, and put up some holiday signs that say JOY and SNOW. I kept it pretty simple but fun. – Amber Ridenour

I give my students an anonymous survey after Thanksgiving about what winter holidays they celebrate, what they mind/don’t mind seeing in the classroom, etc. This year, based on the results, I have a book Christmas tree with lights on the supply table, student made ornaments with symbols of texts we read around the board, and a mini tree on my desk with frog ornaments (which fit my classroom theme). I also let the kids design the door decoration for the annual contest. Last year, I just hung snowflakes from the ceiling. The year before, we had “holidays around the world” type of decorations. It really just depends on the kids each year and what they want/need. – Katherine Ewers

Every December, my students participate in a holiday card exchange with other classrooms from around the world. We send out 30 cards and we receive 30 cards. Our classroom becomes very festive once we receive cards and use them to decorate! – Abby Madison

I’m the elementary computer teacher and it’s pretty simple but the kids talk about it every time they walk in. I create a Christmas tree out of CD’s and glue them up on the window. I added snowflakes hanging down in front along with a snowman next to the tree! – Trisha Sprague

I let the students make things to hang up. Ornaments, snowflakes, snowmen, elves, Santa countdowns are all made and hung. The students also help me put up a Christmas tree. – Leslie Johnston

I hang lights and snowflakes from my ceiling! I have a mini tree and play music. When we have work time I like to play the crackling fire on the smartboard. It’s the best time of year. – Jennifer Cannon

My parents and extended family always decorated with received Christmas cards. When my mother (also a teacher) was in the nursing home with dementia, she would not take down her Christmas cards. Each February the nursing home staff would ask my help. The only way I could get her to take them down is to promise to use them with my students. I have hundreds of these cards. I let students select which to hang each year. Also, a decade ago a student worried about me not having a tree at home or classroom. He rescued a small tree from the trash. I let my lowest class each year decorate it. Most of the decorations are from students, too. It looks very Charlie Brown, but is so special to me. – Cheryl Hibbard

We have a small room (SPED Support) the students and I decorate with Christmas items we made in previous years. When we make something special I have it laminated (if possible) and share it in our room during the Holiday’s. The students are proud of their work and can’t believe how much their own artistic skills have improved. – Malissia Brooks

I love decorating for fall & Christmas! I put my fall decor out from Sept 1- the day after Thanksgiving. Then I put Christmas lights and a small tree out. – Whitney Baker

I have a blue, white, and silver Christmas tree. I have a Little People nativity on my desk, a lighted snowman, let it snow doormat, Christmas lights hung around the ceiling, and a few decorative items placed throughout the room. I also play Christmas music to start the day and find times during the day to play as well. – Noelle Horner

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