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We wanted to know about one time one of your students was inspired to do something because of something he/she read? Your stories and photos made us want to read (or in some cases, re-read!) these books!

While reading the novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, one of my students said he was trying each day to use the new vocabulary he had learned. His favorite word was pernickety. As a matter of fact, it became a class favorite word also. The students also enjoyed using some of the cultural language and memorized several quotes. – Susan Walker

I share this on behalf of one of my first-grade teachers, MSTA member, Emily Reynolds. In January of this year, her class read the books Martin’s Big Words, Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King as well as books about Ruby Bridges. They also listened to Jack Johnson’s, My Own Two Hands. One of her students, inspired by the words of MLK, Jr., the actions of one as small as Ruby Bridges, wondered what he could do with his own two hands. He got to work making signs reminding the students of our school how they should treat each other. After he made his signs, he asked Mrs. Reynolds if he could pitch an idea to spread his message to our principal. She sent him and another student to the office to make his case. From there, copies were made of his signs and he spent a morning posting them around our school. The read-a-louds he was a part of in his classroom inspired this little guy to think about what he could do with his own two hands. – Morgan Neale

Last year, my 3rd-grade students were inspired to better their community by something they read. Our local newspaper offers a program that sends us free Friday newspapers that contain an educational highlight. One week, the highlight was an article about little free libraries. After reading, we had a discussion about how they can benefit communities. Students began voicing that they thought their small rural town needed a Little Free Library. It was at least a 20-minute drive to the closest library that students could access when school was not in session. They thought placing the library in their local park would be a great central location for their town. We set to work researching the cost of a library and discussing how we could raise the money. The students figured out how much money they needed and we decided to try a GoFund me account. They helped me write the article, and gave ideas on where to share our page to the most people. We raised the funds for our library in 48 hours!!! The students were elated that their community and others supported something they really believed would better their community. This project, inspired by literacy, will bring literacy to a community for years and generations to come! – Jessica Gray

My student is Chris Bowles. He was a student at Avilla Elementary, during their eighth-grade year our English teacher had them read Of Mice and Men. They had a student in their class with Autism and Chris stated that after reading that book he was reminded of that student. Chris said, “which can be applied to being patient and look at other’s situations to be kind and considerate to others.” Chris was a wonderful student who has grown into a wonderful young man. Now a senior at Carthage High he continues using that good nature and patience in his activities that include the archery team and Skills USA. Through Skills USA he has learned the essential elements that will be needed in the work force. With his friend Dylan Jones (another student from Avilla) they have gone on to compete in the mobile robotics competition. While competing and planning the design for their robot, they were pushed to their limits to strive to be the best robotics team in this competition. They learned how to work as a team, and how to compliant each others strengths and weakness. These two strive to be their best daily, leaning about compassion and consideration through a story and a student once read four years ago. – Lisa Hall

Before Christmas I had my students read the legend of the Poinsettia from Mexico. The next day a student came in with a Poinsettia Flower and said she thought the story was cool and that because Poinsettias now remind her of Mexico she brought me one! – Miranda

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