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MSTA dues don’t increase automatically every year. Increases must be approved by MSTA’s Assembly of Delegates. MSTA forwards money to local CTAs and regions. $18 is forwarded to local affiliates for each current professional member ($6 to local CTAs and $12 to MSTA regions).

To find out more about MSTA benefits visit here.

For questions or to report a problem, please contact Member Care at 800-392-0532 or via email at

Professional Dues 2016-2017

 Returning MSTA Member  $219/year
 First-Time MSTA Member  $124/year
 First-year Teacher  $124/year
 Part-time Educator  $124/year

Other Dues

 Non-certified Staff
(Bus drivers, secretaries, custodians, substitutes, teachers’ aides, etc.)
 Retired Teacher

  • Optional Plus Protection is also available for an additional $25.
  • The Plus Protection program includes $1 million professional liability insurance coverage, AD&D coverage, identity theft coverage, legal services from MSTA staff, network attorneys and field staff support.
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 $25/year or $250 lifetime membership
(What is SMSTA?)
Transitional Membership
(Transitional membership eligibility and application)