Impact Committee

About the Legislative Impact Committee

For nearly 150 years, MSTA and its members have been a powerful force behind Missouri’s education legislation, and we are still a leader today. But the political environment is dramatically changing.

With the enactment of term limits in Missouri, we will have an entirely new legislature. MSTA’s old relationships will help us very little, if at all, in legislative battles.

It is imperative that we help elect lawmakers who will fight for our interests in the Missouri Legislature. The MSTA Legislative Impact Committee is a critical tool for advancing this goal.

In the past, we have focused primarily on passing important ballot issues and retiring campaign debts. Today, our activities begin much earlier in the political process — by supporting the campaigns of candidates who will be our champions on key education issues in the future.

The MSTA Legislative Impact Committee is directed by a Board of Directors that consists of 12 regional directors — one from each of MSTA’s districts. Each regional director has a Political Advisory Group within the region to provide information on candidates in their area, to interview candidates for possible support, and to take the Impact Committee’s message to their peers.

Criteria for Financial Support

The Board uses specific criteria to evaluate candidates for financial support:

  • The candidate’s understanding and support for issues of concern to Missouri educators and students.
  • The candidate’s voting records or stated position on issues of direct concern to MSTA and its members.
  • The candidate’s current or likely position on key committees or in legislative leadership.
  • The candidate’s financial need and chances of being elected.
  • The recommendations of local Political Advisory Groups.
  • Special considerations, such as the candidate’s willingness to sponsor priority legislation for MSTA.


The voluntary contributions of MSTA regions, CTAs and members give us the extra edge we need.
MSTA Legislative Impact Committee funds will be used to directly support the election of candidates who will champion your interests and concerns as an MSTA member, and to advocate MSTA’s positions on key ballot initiatives.

To make a contribution, send a check to:

P.O. Box 458
Columbia, Mo. 65205

Make the check payable to the MSTA Legislative Impact Committee.


MSTA Legislative Impact Committee Board of Directors
Region Name School
Central Pam Mifflin Clinton
GKCR James Peters Belton 124
GSL Kim Shocklee Troy R-3
Jeff Co Sherry Weber Northwest R-1
NE Kari Schuster Columbia
NW Darren Farmer Polo R-7
STJ Lori Fordyce (chair) Central High, St. Joe
SC Steven Blakley Rolla
SE Mark Savage Sikeston
SW  Natalie Brazeal West Plains R-7