2016 MSTA Impact Committee Primary Endorsements

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The MSTA Impact Committee met this month to discuss the upcoming election of Missouri State Representatives and State Senators. The committee is made of one member from each of MSTA’s 10 regions. They review candidate surveys and incumbent voting records, as well as the outcome of interviews conducted by MSTA members with candidates. After examining the available information, the committee made their first round of endorsements. The candidates on this list have demonstrated their support for public schools and teachers. The committee will meet in September after the primary to make their final round of endorsements.
1 Scott Sifton
3 Gary Romine
7 Jason Holsman
9 Shalonn (Kiki) Curls
13 Gina Walsh
15 Rick Stream
19 Steven Webber
21 Denny Hoskins
27 Wayne Wallingford
33 Mike Cunningham

House of Representatives
1 Allen Andrews
3 Nate Walker
4 Craig Redmon
7 Rusty Black
8 Jim Neely
10 Pat Conway
14 Kevin Corlew
15 Jon Carpenter
18 Lauren Arthur
20 Bill E. Kidd
21 Ira Anders
24 Judy Morgan
26 Gail McCann Beatty
27 Bonnaye Mims
32 Jeanie Lauer
33 Donna Pfautsch
39 Joe Don McGaugh
45 Kip Kendrick
56 Jack Bondon
58 David Wood
71 Sue Meredith
79 Michael Butler
83 Gina Mitten
85 Clem Smith
88 Tracy McCreery
93 Bob Burns
114 Becky Ruth
115 Elaine Gannon
117 Mike Henderson
118 Ben Harris
126 Patricia Pike
130 Jeff Messenger
137 Lyndall Fraker
138 Don Phillips
140 Lynn Morris
141 Stan Coday
143 Bobby Simpson
144 Paul Fitzwater
145 Rick Francis
155 Lyle Rowland